Why Do We Need To Take Food Supplements?

Most people who are not in a health crisis wonder why they need to take food supplements. One would say “I don’t have a problem with my health, I feel fine. So, Why would I take food supplements?”

Good nutrition means getting the calories and nutrients we need in our body. It is used as raw materials for growth, fuel for energy, and vitamins and minerals that keep our body healthy and functioning properly.

All people need food to live. Unfortunately, the food that we eat nowadays is not enough to supply the needs of our body. And many modern food products today lose a large number of valuable nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements because they undergo industrial processing that is usually supplemented by various additives in the form of preservatives, bleaches, and fillers.

At present, unhealthy diets, environmental hazards, modern lifestyles, and radiation from techno products have reached a critical level of free radicals in our body. This results in widespread diseases that affect otherwise healthy-looking individuals. More people are getting sick. Aging Fast, Illnesses like Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Cancer affect people regardless of age. These diseases can be prevented only if we get enough nutrition to keep our body healthy.

According to studies, our body can protect and heal itself, only if we take good care of it and nourish it well. However, how can we get all the nutrients needed by our body? The World Health Organization said that we need to eat at least 5 kinds of fruits and five kinds of vegetables every day in order to supply the nutrients needed by our body. The nutrients that we get, help our body’s system to perform well. But, most people fail to follow these healthy guidelines for many reasons. One reason might be the burden of thinking about what kind of fruits and vegetables to eat every day.

Since we don’t get enough nutrients in our body, we need to supply them with food supplements. Just like you need to recharge your cell phone battery or put fuel in your car in order for it to function well.

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To Your Best of Health…Be Educated. Be Wise.

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