How to Join Revoobit International Business

Why Do I Choose Revoobit International and Why You Should Consider Joining the Business?

I just want to share with you the beauty of Network Marketing. I believe this is the only way to earn those BIG cheques/commissions in the shortest possible time. There’s no doubt that Network Marketing can give those promises but the question is are we in the right company to give those promises back?

If you don’t mind, let me share with you my views and insights regarding choosing the right network marketing company so as not to waste your energy, effort, and most importantly, your reputation while doing the business.

Here are the 3 major things you need to look for if you are in the right network marketing company:

1.) Right Product

 2.) Right Company

 3.) Right System

  1. Why Right Product?

If you have a good product, then you’ll have a good business. If you have an excellent product, then you’ll have an excellent business. We want an excellent business right? So what kind of product are we looking for?

1.) Products must have a “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP). Aside from having the exclusivity to sell the products, it must have a sense of uniqueness in order for the consumers to buy it. For example: You cannot sell Vitamin C because aside from consumers being able to buy it from drugstores, there are a lot of similar products that can be much cheaper than the price you are selling it. Another is that you cannot sell cooking wares because cooking wares are easily available at Supermarkets or even Malls and at a cheaper price. My point is that the product you sell must be unique in the sense that you cannot find a similar product that has almost the same content as what you are selling. In that way, you can build “loyalty with consumers who will buy only from you because they cannot have it outside your company.

2.) Products must be Consumable. It must be consumable so the product re-order is at a much faster rate. More product re-orders ensure better income.

3.) Products must have a Demand. In the late ’80s, there was a great demand for computers, thus computerization took place. In the mid-90s, the Internet was introduced, and people now buy computers in order to experience “Internet” and satisfy the sense of “being connected”. Now in our days, the demand turned to “Health and Wellness”, as you can see people nowadays have become more aware of their health than ever before. In order to sell more, the product must be in line with Health and Wellness.

4.) Products must be Patented. This is a major protection for the distributors of a Network Marketing company. Imagine selling a unique product for 3-6 months only to find out that the same formulation is being used and sold by another company that sells way less compared to your product, how would you feel? Not really good right?

  1. Why the Right Company?

It’s because the company will be your backbone while doing the business. Weak backbones mean weak business. So what to look for in a Company?

1.) Owners. It’s important to know who are the owners as they will be the leaders. Bad leaders will create bad followers. Excellent leaders will create excellent followers. What kind of owners to look for?

a.) Owners must have MLM experience. Traditional business is really different from an MLM Company, so it is wise to choose an owner who has this experience of being a distributor himself. In this way, the owner can better see the problem that might arise and provide a solution right away. It’s imperative to avoid owners that have traditional business experience because this person has only one motive and that is to earn money as much as possible, they don’t really care how a distributor feels because they have never been in that situation in the first place. If some difficult problem arises and their profit starts decreasing, it will be so easy for them to just “pull the plug” and boom…the company closes.

b.) Aside from having MLM experience, owners must also be top earners from their previous companies. It’s important to know that the owners must have the attitude of striving to be the best. These kind of people really takes the business as seriously as you will be. So it will be assuring to know that if they want to be the best since they are your leaders, then soon you will also be one of the best in the industry. And being the best means earning a lot and living the dreams you want.

2.) Do NOT JOIN START-UP’s. Please don’t get lured by people saying that whoever goes in first will be the richest man in the company. Those days are over, and in case companies still using those “tag lines” it will not be for the long term. If you’re into business, you would want to have a long-term business because your reputation depends on it. if you’ll study how a network marketing company exists, there are STAGES.

a.) Conceptualization – from the word itself, it is still being conceptualized, meaning everything is being tested. The Products are tested if there will be demand. The system is tested if it can handle the load, and the FUNDS are tested if they can do payouts and deliver their promised compensation. In this stage, there is no security at all. Usually, companies that do “soft-launching” are in this stage. This is the worst time to join an MLM company because there is no assurance that promises will be delivered. If NO LAUNCHING at all, then no explanation is required, I think you already know what I mean. The existence of this company ranges from 6 months to 1 year.

b.) Affirmation – in this stage, the company is quite doing well and has some number of members/registrations under its belt. It can now comply with its basic compensation. Mistakes from the previous stage are now corrected/adjustment is made. Beware though because in this stage, the company is still recovering from the losses it suffered from the previous stage. Unable to recover means the company being closed, your effort and energy wasted and most of all reputation being thrown away to thrash. The existence of this company ranges from 1 year to 3 years.

c.) Momentum – in this stage, full compensation benefits are realized and all promises the company made during its start-up year now become a reality. This is the time when you would want to pour your energy and effort and your precious reputation on the line because you are sure the company has surpassed the tough times. Networking at this time is relatively easy because there will be a lot of product testimonials available as well as compensation testimonials at your disposal. The existence of this company ranges from 3 years above.

III. Why the Right System?

You need a powerful hybrid system to assure you that you’ll get paid whenever you sell or get recruits wherever you are. So what to look for in a system?

1.) Find a system that pays you when you sell products, recruit people, and buy re-orders of products. How much is the company willing to pay for you in product re-orders, those kinds of technicalities are equally important in this business. In this way, you are sure that your efforts and energy are fully paid by the company.

2.) Find a system that utilizes technology that is available today. Like providing a webpage, a shareable link, Computerization, etc. This way you are assured that you can focus on what you’ll do best, and that is to do networking without worrying about your commission on a cheque, etc.

3.) Find a compensation system that does not change over time. This usually happens in start-up companies due to the stage that they are in. Sometimes these companies offer huge amounts of profit but later on decrease this profit over time. For example, at first, the company pays you 2000 for every recruit you have then after 6 months, the company pays you 1200 instead for every recruit you make. This is a very bad sign in terms of the stability of the company. If this happens, the company suffers an “overpay” situation and that is a sign of a dying company. I hope I was able to show you how to find the right company to do network marketing. You need to have all these characteristics in a company for you to be sure you’re in the right company.

Aside from those characteristics above that my company (Revoobit International) has, there are some bonuses that really made my networking easy and those are:

1.) Revoobit utilizes a “Hybrid” marketing system and most importantly “Everyday Payment of Commission” is utilized through Internet-based transactions.

2.) Revoobit has won many awards.

3.) Revoobit is headed by the most looked-after top earners in the MLM industry

4.) Revoobit has unique and effective stem-cell products.

5.) Revoobit has already surpassed the stages and is now in a “Momentum” stage, 4 years existing in the industry.

6.) Revoobit already created a lot of multi-millionaires

Choose wisely my friend because that’s just what I did. If you want to learn about my company, don’t hesitate to contact me (+234 812 449 6566). I’m willing to assist you and show you our company. Well, maybe you already heard about us, but still it is different from just hearing about us rather than knowing who we are.

Click HERE to get started.

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