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Summary of Revoobit International Products and Some of Their Health Benefits

MIIRA-CELL+ (Stem Cell Product) 

Assist us fully in healthy living by…

– Rejuvenating aged cells

– Replicating good cells

– Restoring sick cells

– Replacing dead cells

– Repairing damaged cells

– Cleansing the blood and bringing the body to normal functionality

It is good for the following health conditions…

Diabetes, Ulcers, Stroke, Epilepsy, Liver, BP, Kidney Failure, Brain Injury, Cancer, Dental Problems, Asthma, Skin Problems, Joint Pain, Gastric, Heart Disease, Eczema, Down Syndrome, Uric Acid, Eye Problems, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Fibroid, Rheumatism, Back Pain, Spinal Cord Injury, Infertility, Prostrate Issues, etc

miira-cell plus

MIIRA-CURVE (Weight Loss Product)

A supplement specially formulated for weight loss and other health benefits.

Health Benefits

– Assist in slimming and weight loss

– Balances the body’s metabolic rate & reaction

– Eliminates headaches and migraines 

– Strengthen the immune system 

– Lowers blood sugar 

Mirra-curve is good for anyone who wants to lose weight or burn fat from any part of the body without going through rigorous exercise routines, tedious meal plans, fasting, order to purging.


MIIRA-TIARA (Skincare Product)

A skincare drink, specially formulated to work on your skin from the inside out.

Health Benefits

– Brightens and glows the skin

– Gives spotless glow

– Anti-aging 

– Anti-freckles

– Good for oily, dry & dull skin

– Protects you from free radicals

– Helps with pigmentation 

– Helps with dandruff

– Helps fade stretch marks & firms the skin color 


MIIRA-COFFEE (Health In A Cup Of Coffee)

A healthy coffee that provides your body with so many amazing health benefits.

 Health Benefits

– Strengthens the body’s immune system

– Helps control blood sugar

– Helps provide energy

– Reduces hunger

– Helps improve the digestive system

– Helps lower cholesterol levels in the body

– Helps control weight

– Helps with the process of hair growth

– Helps with anti-cancer and anti-inflammation processes.



A natural detox product that cleanses the body by eliminating toxins.

Health Benefits

– Support your body’s natural detoxification processes.

– Helps to reduce bloating, giving you a flatter more comfortable abdomen.

– Helps improve the digestive system.

– Helps maintain a healthy weight by supporting your account body’s natural metabolic processes.


MIIRA-LANANG (Coffee For Him)

The extraordinary health coffee is crafted to rejuvenate your body and invigorate your senses. It 

Health Benefits

– Helps support for prostate health.

– Helps support hormonal balance.

– Helps improve libido and sexual function.

– Helps increase cardiovascular health.

– Helps improve mood and emotion.

– Helps increase joint health.

– Helps improve overall wellbeing.


MIIRA-WEDOK (Coffee For Her)

More than just a coffee; it’s a celebration of nature’s finest ingredients in every cup.

Health Benefits

– Support hormonal balance.

– Helps with feminine health (dryness).

– Improves your mood and emotions.

– Gives you healthier and more beautiful skin.

– Increases your energy.


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