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Miira-Lanang (Coffee for Him) and Miira-Wedok (Coffee for Her) Health Benefits


At least 60% -70% of men in Nigeria have erectile dysfunction. A condition where a man can not hold an erection for long.

  • 20 million can not hold an erection.
  • 15 million has some other complications.
  • Another 5 million due to stress.

Others are caused by anxiety.

A staggering 50 million Nigerian men (28% of the 180 million people) have erectile dysfunction a condition where a man can not really help his partner get satisfaction

But is there really a solution?

Yes, there’s a solution

Get our powerful new men’s coffee Miira-Lanag that will naturally help over your erectile dysfunction.

revoobit miira-lanang product


  • Helps support for prostate health.
  • Helps support hormonal balance.
  • Helps improve libido and sexual function.
  • Helps increase cardiovascular health.
  • Helps improve mood and emotion.
  • Helps increase joint health.
  • Helps improve overall well-being.


As a woman, when you’ve crossed the age of 40, hormones start to reorganize and restructure themselves. The metabolism starts to slow down.

Many things are going on around you that start to affect your body and mind. And you need to help yourself stay at the top of your game.

We have introduced a healthy coffee made especially for women – MIIRA-WEDOK


  • Support hormonal balance.
  • Helps with feminine health (dryness).
  • Improves your mood and emotions.
  • Gives you healthier and beautiful skin.
  • Increases your energy.

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