How to Register in Revoobit Nigeria

There are FOUR Packages of Membership Registration in Revoobit as shown below. You then choose the membership package you want to sign-up with (you can upgrade anytime for maximum benefit and incentives).

The bigger the package, the bigger the bonuses.


Choose your package for the registration.

1. STARTER:N28,000
2. BRONZE:N48,000
3. SILVER : N240,000
4. GOLD: N480,000

The above amounts are business registration packages one can chose from, the bigger the package the bigger the bonuses.

When you pay the joining fee you are given boxes of the Stem Cell Health Product called Miira Cell plus products depending on the package that you have joined with.

1 Starter package – (1 box of Miira cell+)

2 Bronze package – (2 boxes of Miira cell+)

3 Silver package – ( 10 boxes of Miira cell+)

4 Gold package – (20 boxes of Miira cell+)

We recommend you to register as a Gold member in order to earn 35% referral bonus. Other packages give you 30% referral bonus


In Revoobit International, members have a wide range of Bonuses to earn from.


1. Retail Profit
2. Sponsor Bonus
3. PAIRING BONUS or Development Bonus
4. Group Incentive Bonus
5. Roll up Bonus
6. Uni-level Bonus – repurchase
7. Vacation Treasure Box
8. Car Treasure Box
9. House Treasure Box

Now let us explain each of this bonuses in details

1. Revoobit International: Retail Bonus Explanation

If you can sell you products you earn retail profit. This is 100% optional. We always recommend using the product yourself or giving it to a relative of friends who needs it.
Eg.: We repurchase at (N20,000) per pack and we retail at N28,000
Meaning you can potentially make a profit of 8,000 per each pack of Miira cell that you sell to end user. You are equally saving a life in the process by introducing someone to the product.

2. Sponsor (Referral) Bonuses for Starter, Bronze and Silver

For Starter, Bronze and Silver Package, referral bonus is 30%
– when you introduce a Starter — N6,000
– If you refer a Bronze — N12,000
– Refer or sponsor a Silver — N60,000
– Introduce a Gold–  N120,000


When you refer someone else into the business as a Gold, the following is what you gain;
Starter pack N,7000
Silver N70,000
Gold- 140,000

3. Pairing/Matching Bonus is 10% for all levels

A. Paring Bonus for introducing 2 Starter = N2,000

TOTAL EARNINGS for referring 2 starter: Referral Bonus (12,000) + Pairing Bonus (2,000) = N14,000

As a Gold Member, total earnings for referring 2 starter = N16,000

B. Paring Bonus for introducing 2 Bronze =

TOTAL EARNINGS for referring 2 Bronze: Referral Bonus (12,000) + Pairing Bonus (4,000) = N28,000

Also, as a Gold, total earning for referring 2 Bronze =N32,000

C. Paring Bonus for introducing 2 Silver = N20,000

TOTAL EARNINGS =N140,000. As a Gold total earnings =N160,000

D. Paring Bonus for introducing 2 Gold  Members= N40,000

TOTAL BONUS N280,000, as a Gold Member, total earnings =N320,000

4. Revoobit International: Group Bonus Incentive Explanation

Percentage Of Your Total Team’s Bonuses. This is the percentage earnings from your down lines daily pairing bonuses

– 1st level of your network 5%
– 2nd Level of your network 4%
– 3rd level of your Network 3%
– 4th Level of your Network 2%
– 5th – 10th level of your network 1%

Starter will earn from levels 1 – 5
Bronze will earn from Levels 1 – 6
SILVER will earn from Levels 1 – 8
Gold will earn from Levels 1 – 10

5. Roll Up Bonus For Gold Members only

A Gold recruits a Starter – in turn introduces a Gold
When a Gold Pack is N140,000. A Starter gets N120,000 and the difference of N20,000 rolls up to a Gold up the line

6. Unilevel Bonus in Revoobit International

A percentage from your team total purchases

Level 1 – 3.75%
Level 2 – 3.75%
Level 3 – 2.5%
Level 4 – 1.25%
Level 6 – 1.25%
Level 6 – 1.25%
Level 8 – 2.5%
Level 9 – 3.75%
Level 10 – 3.75%
To Qualify – Sponsor one person on left and the other on the right
That month, you should repurchase a product
Repurchases are optional

7. Vocational Treasure Box

Applies to monthly repurchases
A maximum of 3 Vacations a year
N16,000 x 50 products repurchased equals to the total vocational bonus of
N800,0000 each from your 3 direct legs

8. Car Treasure Box

From three direct downline totals re-purchaes from each of the 3 legs per month should be N2,400,000 per leg.
Bonus amount would be N360,000 for that current month
– NB. i) you should have maintained your account that current month

9. House Treasure Box

From your 5 Direct Down Lines Team work
Total Repurchases of N2,400,000 each from your 1st 2 legs a N4800000 each from your other 3 legs
– bonus for that current month will be N960000

House treasure box receivers not entitled to receive car treasure awards

All you have to do is one time payment and smile forever

Revoobit Registration Process

Below are the details you need to register in Revoobit International

  • Name;
  • Username;
  • Email;
  • Phone Number
  • Address:
  • Package

Whatsapp: 0812 449 6566 to Register in Revoobit now or click my referral link Here to register yourself. Kindly send message to me on Whatsapp once you are done.

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