Frequently Ask Questions About Miiracell+ Stemcell Therapy

Frequently Ask Questions About Miiracell+ Stemcell Therapy

We have put together commonly asked questions to give you more information about miiracell+ stemcell therapy.

1) What is Miiracell+?

Miiracell+ is plant based stem cell product use in the treatment and prevention of diseases and other health condition. It does that by rejuvenating aged cells, replacing dead cells and repairing of damaged cells in the body.

2) What are Stemcell?

Stemcell are unspecialized cells with the amazing power to transform into any issue in your body.

3) What is Miiracell+ Stemcell made of?

Miiracell+ is made with over 13 powerful organic ingredients which includes:
Apple stemcell powder
Salmon ovary peptides
Kiwi fruit
Goji berry extract
Bee propolis
Ascorbic acid
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA)
Mineral premix

4) How effective is Miiracell+ stemcell over other plant based stemcell?

The uniqueness and efficacy of miiracell+ stemcell lies in its ingredients. Miiracell+ is an enhanced formula with apple stemcell and other powerful organic ingredient which has proven to provide high quality nutritions to the body and also help to prevent any damage or disease in our body.

5) What health problem can Miiracell+ stemcell handle?

Miiracell+ stemcell product has the potential to manage and correct over 134 diseases in the body. They include: Heart problem, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney problem, cancer, arthritis, wound healing, multiple sclerosis, vision impairment, high blood pressure, leukemia, skin problem, hormonal imbalance, hepatitis, etc.

6) How does Miiracell+ Stemcell works?

Miiracell+ work by mechanism. When consumed it will go through the nerves, travel to the brain and provide a signal where they need to repair and regenerate the cells surrounding the affected part. Regulate PH level inside the body causing the body immunity system to improve slowly, helping the infected or affected part to heal quickly.

7) How do I take or administer Miiracell+ Stemcell

Strictly sublingual administration. Miiracell+ should be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Tear a satchet and pour under your tongue. Close your mouth and allow it to dissolve on its own completely. Then swallow the dissolve content. 30 minutes after drink water (not cold water) and ensure you drink enough water through out the day.

8) Why sublingual administration?

To avoid first pass effect.
To enable rapid absorption
For faster and more effective result.

9) Is it safe to consume Miiracell+ Stemcell?

Absolutely yes, Miiracell+ is registered with; KKM (Health Ministry Malaysia). FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) HALAL, NAFDAC and many other ministry’s of health of other countries.

10) What is the recommended dosage for Miiracell+ Stemcell?

A satchet daily is ok…though 2 satchets can also be recommended depending on severity of the illness…but it should be taken: a satchet in the morning (before breakfast) and a satchet at evening (before dinner).

11) How many satchets are in a box?

There are 24 satchets in a box and each satchet is 2.5g or 2500mg.

12) How can one store Miiracell+ Stemcell?

Kindly store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.

13) Can Miiracell+ Stemcell be taken with other prescribed medication?

Yes, but should be taken at different times. Ensure you give a space of at least 2 hours.

14) Can I substitute Miiracell+ Stemcell for my drugs?

We do not recommend people to stop their medication. Only the diagnosing medical doctor can give such instruction to either stop or reduce the prescribed medication as when they see it necessary.

15) What are the side effects of Miiracell+ Stemcell?

There’s no side effects. Though one may simply go through a detoxification process which can turn out to be a bit violent and uncomfortable at times but it is normal and a good sign. For that can also be seen as healing crisis.

16) Can a pregnant women take Miiracell+ Stemcell?

No, we do not encourage pregnant women to take Miiracell+ because pregnancy sometimes comes with complications.

17) Can children take Miiracell+ Stemcell?

Kindly discuss it with your padiatrician before administer miiracell+ to your child. But if for any reason you are giving it to your child, the dosage should be less than a satchet per day.

18) Is Miiracell+ Stemcell a lifetime therapy?

No. You only take it long enough to get body’s immune system up and running at normal or optimal functionality and until a full recovery has been achieved after which you can drop it.

19) What is the cost of Miiracell+ Stemcell?

As a distributor, you will get the product at $50 on wholesale pricing while the retail pricing of miiracell+ is at the range of $70-75 per box. The exchange rate depend on your country. Also, take note that shipping cost is excluded.

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